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A key element of a home is the HVAC. Keeping the temperature and humidity level of a home around 60-75 degrees helps keep the finishes and structure of the home from moving. Most homes are framed with wood. When the moisture and temperature level of the air drastically changes it can cause the wood the contract and expand overall causing cracks in finishes of the home and potentially damaging the structure. This is why, during our home inspections, we test the air conditioning and heat to make sure it is working properly. There are several different types of HVAC units and it is important for not only the inspector but the home owner to be aware of what type of unit is in the home and how it works.


Common types of HVAC units:

  • Heat Pump

  • Central air conditioning with evaporator coil

  • Gas Furnace

  • Geothermal unit

  • Gravity furnace

  • Boiler heating unit

  • Radiant ceiling heat

  • Baseboard heaters

Inspecting the HVAC system
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